Selling Your Home


Selling in Today’s Market

It is important to choose the right Realtor, one who will actively market your home using the most current technologies and marketing techniques. I don't just list properties for sale, I will actively market and SELL your property.

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Our Listing Package


What You'll Get!

My comprehensive listing package is included when we list your house or property for sale. I am constantly looking to integrate the leading technologies available.

With precise analytics I am able to track how many people view your property's website, and virtual tour.  I can also track when and who downloaded the property disclosures.

Custom Property Website

I register a custom website,, for every home I list for sale. My team of designers, photographers, writers, title specialists and inspectos contribute information which is made available to buyers the first time and every time they see the listing.

This listing website includes:

  • Architectural photos

  • 360-degree virtual house tour

  • Property description

  • Disclosures and reports

  • Interactive property location map

See Sample Property Website!

Architectural Photography

I work with the best photographers in the area. I select the best time of the day for photos, and arrive before the photographer to make sure the property is prepped and ready. I stay one step ahead of the photographer to make sure every detail in every room is ready for photography. 

360 Degree Virtual House Tour

Buyers want to get as much information as they can, and I now include 360-degree virtual tours of all the properties I list for sale. I use a special 3D camera called Rico Theta 360° and software that allows home buyers to walk through your property on their phone or computer. The experience is similar to using Google street view, but with automatic panning. Buyers see not only side-to-side, but also up and down. I love this technology because it makes your property digitally accessible to buyers near and far.

Property Description

Pictures only tell part of a story. I know that complimenting your photos with a meticulously constructed description of your home is very important. I work with a professional copywriter to make sure that every listing tells a compelling story.

800+ Search Engines

Your home will be posted on the MLS, Zillow, Trulia,, Redfin, and nearly 800 real estate search sites the day that it comes up for sale. I will be ready to answer calls, texts and emails from agents and buyers.


Open house is more than just putting up a sign and opening the door. I work on your open house before, during and after the event.  Before the first open house, I send out postcards and notify neighbors about the event. During the event, I speak with every visitor, gauge their interest level, and determine if they are interested buyers. After the open house, I contact the buyers' agent to offer encouragement and collect feedback.


Your property will have a dedicated web page that stores all your disclosure documents and inspection reports. Buyers and agents can access these documents but must register their information, and I get alerted immediately of these activities. This allows me to know how many home buyers are serious enough to take the time to examine these details.

Electronic Signatures

I use the leading electronic signature platform, Docusign, for you to sign your documents on your smart phone or computer.

Paperless Transactions & Electronic Signatures

Real estate transactions involve a lot of documents, but we handle all the paperwork via PDF files. I will send transaction documents to you and discuss them with you via email. My transaction coordinator will send a copy of these documents for you on DocuSign, the leading electronic signature platform. With DocuSign, you can sign all your real estate contracts and documents from your computer or smart phone.

After your transaction is completed, my transaction coordinator will assemble all the signed documents and your escrow papers then send it to you on a CD. 

It's All Included!

All of these features and services are provided when you list your home with me! 


Preparing Your Home



It can be stressful getting your home ready for sale. Some things need to be done to sell your home for what it's worth, but there are lots of decisions to be made and it's a time consuming process.

I am here to take the weight off your shoulders and I know the right people to get things done!  Think of me as your "house whisperer".  I will advise you on what needs to be done to make your property look great.

I work with painters, hardwood and carpeting specialists, tiling experts, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, roofers, gutter cleaners, window cleaners, carpet cleaners, house cleaners, handymen, landscapers, and a variety of other trade specialists who know how to get your home spiffed up and ready to be sold. I offer complimentary arrangement for all these services plus home inspections and professional staging to make your property shine!

Here are some basic steps.


Any home sale requires a number of different inspections. To make sure that there are no surprises that could slow down the sale of your home, I usually recommend getting the property inspected before selling. If repairs are needed, it may cost less to make the repairs before selling than when we are rushed for time after we get into contract. I attend every property inspection so I have a lot of experience with what needs to be repaired and how to get it done.

Tidying up!

I will walk through your home and give you suggestions on how to declutter and what items to move and pack up. I will send you a list of things to do for each room to get your home ready for sale.

I have experience getting homes cleaned up and looking like new even when homeowners thought it would be impossible. This comes from years of experience seeing hundreds of homes and working with trade specialists that homeowners rarely call upon.

Staging and beautifying

I work with professional stagers who have an artistic eye for making living spaces look like a model home. I work together with stagers on colors, textures, and a style that fits the prospective target buyers for your property. Sometimes all you need is some artwork, decorative accessories, and a few tips on improving curb appeal.

In some cases, a property will show much better fully staged with designer furniture, rugs, decorative accessories, and a makeover with new paint and flooring. My stagers and contractors have worked with me on some dramatic transformations, and amazing results.


Pricing Your Listing


How do we price your home?

An in-depth “Comparative Market Analysis”

I prefer to discuss pricing only after a detailed examination of your property and a scrupulous analysis of similar home sales in your neighborhood. I also do an analysis of what is currently on the market and how we compare to other properties for sale. I put that together in a pricing summary based on real home values and market conditions.

These are some of the things I look at when reviewing comparable properties during my valuation of a property: similar home and lot size, proximity to desirable locations, condition of home, days on the market, and listing vs. sale price.

Choosing the right agent

You deserve an agent who will tell you the truth about the market value of your property and how to get the highest price for your home. You want to know how long it will take to sell your home so you can plan your move. 

Beware of false hopes

If you ask agents to compete for your business, it is likely that one or more will tell you what you want to hear, and offer to list your property at a higher price. It's true that you could get lucky and sell it to a buyer who will blindly purchase your property at this higher price, but it is more likely that you will simply waste your time.

Getting the highest price

Over-pricing your listing is most likely not be the way to get the highest price for your home. Buyers will pay the highest price for something where there is perceived value. In real estate, that perceived value is the price someone else will pay to purchase the property. If a buyer perceives another buyer will pay the listing price, this buyer is more inclined to offer to pay more than the listing price, or the other buyers. So the goal in selling is to leave the buyer with the feeling that if they don't pay this price you are asking, someone else will.

Perils of over pricing your home

If your property is over-priced, then you can simply lower the price, right? Maybe it's not so simple. Your property's greatest appeal is when it first comes on the market. All the buyers who are looking in your price range will take notice of your new listing. They have already considered your property, and decided it will not be their house. A small price reduction will hardly change their mind. They may take notice and wait for you to make a few more price reductions.

Buyers in a lower price range will notice your property for the first time after you lower the price into their price range. However, they see it as a listing with a price reduction and many days on the market instead of a new listing, so they know it's a house that others have passed on. This detracts from the buyer's perception of value.

List your home with me!

I am dedicated to upholding the utmost integrity and will always tell you the truth, even if it’s hard to hear. I also hold myself to the highest level of competency, professionalism, and customer service.

I will work diligently to get your property sold at the highest price possible.