I like to innovate and do things a little differently from everyone else. I see a big part of my role in your home buying process as someone to help you make great decisions.

As you start your home search, you see lots of properties worth considering. As you filter through those listings with the number of rooms you want, overall size, features, condition, and price, your list is not nearly as long or you may find nothing at all.

Next is the dreaded compromise stage, but what should you compromise? That's when you should talk to me. I have years of experience helping home buyers make good purchase decisions, and my goal is to help you find and purchase a home that you still feel good about years from now.



Finding your dream home

You find a house, and just you need a real estate agent to write up the offer, right? That's not what I do.

I want to understand why you are buying, how long you plan to live in the house, and which quality of life improvements you are looking to get with your home purchase. I like to know where you work, what activities you like to, and whether you like to DIY home improvements or just want to do light decorating. I want to understand these things so that I help you evaluate which properties are a better fit for you.

I apply my knowledge of neighborhoods based on the home features, architecture, size and neighborhood characteristics to help you find the right home and make a better buying decision.

I will discuss with you about neighborhoods which fit your needs well. The right home for you may not be listed for sale right now, but we can keep a watchful eye on these neighborhoods. A few homeowners may be willing to sell if I can find them a new home.

Depending on your timing, we may be constrained to looking at listings currently on the market or those that are newly listed each week. Knowing what's important for you, we can prioritize these homes and review whether you are comfortable with any compromises we need to make.

Let's go on a home tour!

One of the best ways to get started is to set up a property tour with me. We select several properties to visit, I get all the appointments scheduled, and we drive out to see what's on the market and discuss what's available and what to expect. You can bring your family and friends. Sometimes, we drive around with a mini-caravan of 3-4 cars.

What do you look for in a property?

Unlike the HGTV shows, I don't stand outside and let you walk through a house on your own, then ask which one you want to buy. I prefer to walk through the property with you. I like to see your reaction and take notice of what you like and dislike because you probably need to see more than 3 properties to make a decision.

I prefer to discuss the property features with you as we walk through each room. I discuss the architectural features with you, and share my observations on the condition of the property. If it's an older home, I let you know what maintenance will likely be needed. I have sold a lot of homes and attended a lot of home inspections so I will point out things that could be a concern to you.

Is this the right home for you?

When you see a listing that looks good to you, this is a question we should discuss. Send me an email or text message with the address or a link to this listing, and I will give you my thoughts on the property, and what I see as the positives and negatives. I am able to look at properties objectively on the basis of condition, location characteristics, and value. Sometimes, I may have specific knowledge about a property or community to share with you. I can tell you what I think the house will sell for, and whether to expect a competitive bid for the house.

Seeing open houses

Once we get the process started, some of my clients find it convenient to go see properties at open house on their own, then let me know if they are really interested in one. If you are comfortable with that, so am I.

Usually, we schedule another visit to see it again together. Getting to see a property twice before writing an offer is a good idea, and I always visit the property before writing an offer. If your schedule does not allow a property visit with me, then I will go see it on my own and share my thoughts with you.

Your purchase offer

We are in a seller's market right now, and many listings in the Bay Area are getting multiple offers. We need to present an offer that is competitive but still fits within the financial plans we discussed.  There is more to the purchase offer than the price. Some sellers are emotional, while others need to find a new home or there may be other conditions.

I am a skilled negotiator, and the keys to success start with collecting information. I know the right questions to ask, research tax records and past sales data, and go through a lot of information before preparing an offer recommendation to you. Sometimes, there is nothing significant to share with you, and we just need to decide how much you are willing to pay for this home.  Most of the time, I will have some insight to share with you that suggest we either offer something extra that others don't or if I find something negative, we may find this property less attractive overall, and offer a little less than we would have without this information.

Property inspections and disclosures

Property inspections and your overall due diligence in getting to know the property you are buying is extremely important. Real estate laws on disclosures exist to protect the home buyers, but most buyers don't have time to read what they are signing. I review the disclosures, ask questions on your behalf, and discuss them with you.

I personally attend all home inspections and discuss the inspectors' findings with them. If there is a homeowner's association, it is important to read through this documentation as well, and I can help.

Your new home!

My goal is to help you purchase your dream home, and eliminate any surprises so that you have a pleasant home buying experience, and can enjoy and focus on creating wonderful memories in your new home.